Projection Mapping

Always on the cutting edge of nightclub and DJ performances, DJ Lynch has already embraced projection mapping as a new weapon in his arsenal, separating his performances from 99% of other DJ’s out there.  So what is projection mapping?

3D projection mapping, according to Wikipedia, “is any method of mapping three-dimensional points to a two-dimensional plane.” Using this technique, video artists are able to match video to buildings that they are projecting on and create cool 3D effects, making it look as though buildings are crumbling, changing their structure and more.  3D projection mapping has recently emerged as one of the coolest forms of advertising, with big companies like Nokia, Samsung and BMW projecting beautiful 3D video displays on buildings around the world and sharing their campaigns on the web.

Over the better part of 2013, DJ Lynch has been incorporating 3D projection mapping into various nightclub and bar gigs, whether it be him utilizing projection mapping to enhance his own visual DJ’ing performances or working with other DJ’s and Bands to enhance their performance.  The results are amazing, and there has yet to be a spectator that has witnessed it first-hand that hasn’t found it to be an awesome experience.

Currently owning 4 projectors (3 regular and one short throw), 2 beefed up Mac Book Pro laptops, all the software and hardware to control it, and over 2 years of firsthand experience, DJ Lynch is able to transform virtually any small to medium space into a work of visual art!!!